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PC game / 45min

Roles : Producer, Sole Programmer, Designer

Second year project at Supinfogame Rubika, Gabryel is an action-adventure game where you play as a fiery young squire unveiling her past and uncertain of her future.

In their adventure, the player will go from the peace and quiet of the monastery to the chaos of the ruins. Fight robots and solve puzzles to protect your goddess from evil forces.

What I did :


  • 3C

  • Combat - Hit registration, hitfreeze, interruption, projection

  • AI - Finite state machines for 3 enemies

  • System - Fake third dimension system to handle objects passing above and below each other

  • Camera - Room transitions authored by the level designer

  • Used Unity Events, allowing the level designer to script puzzles and enemy encounters

  • Dialogue system - Using ScriptableObjects for ease of editing and translating

  • Cutscene system compatible with the dialogue and puzzle system


  • 3C

  • Combat - Two attacks and two special abilities, aerial combat

  • AI - 3 different AIs each testing a different player skill


  • Training the Game Artists who had very little experience with Unity

  • Producing

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