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Mobile game

Roles : Gameplay Programmer, Technical Designer

Shown at IndieCade Europe Show & Tell 2019

Third year project at Supinfogame Rubika, Skew'it is a mobile game where you cook and skewer living ingredients while they try to trash your kitchen.

Discover 3 different worlds with completely different ways of cooking. Meet 9 crazy ingredients with their own quirks and personalities. Try to score the best skewer and unlock all of the different recipes !


What I did :


  • Gameplay - Ingredient & environment interactions

  • AI - Programmed 9 different AIs that interact with each other and the environment

  • Pipeline - Defined the performance budget and communicated with the Game Artists to produce optimized assets and effects

  • Shaders - Dynamic holes in the levels using the stencil buffer

  • Face animation system using the second UV set to create facial animations easily

  • Procedural LineRenderer-based arms animation system


  • Gameplay - Designed an ergonomic interaction system for mobile touch controls.

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