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PC Game / Multiplayer

Roles : Gameplay Programmer, Network programmer

End of studies project at Supinfogame Rubika, Swift is a competitive first person game where a single hit is fatal. Your only weapon is your sword and your only goal is to capture the enemy orb. Join the ritual in fast-paced combat and prove your worth as the best adept the world has ever known.

What I've done :


  • Combat - Fast-paced melee combat, parrying

  • Gameplay - Active and passive abilities, slipstream effect

  • Systems - Visibility, respawn

  • Network architecture - Matchmaking, lobbies...

  • Gamemodes - Capture the flag, duel

  • Level elements - Booster, pick-up, doors

  • Launcher & WebServer - WPF & Node.js

  • Code architecture

Technical Design

  • Combat - Design of a combat system fitting both creative direction and networking constraints

  • Systems - Design of a visibility system that is fair while taking performance into account

  • Gameplay - Rationalizing when a player can benefit from the slipstream of another player

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