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PC Game / 4h

Roles : Gameplay Programmer, Tools Programmer

Fourth year project at Supinfogame Rubika, Umbrellads is a 3D platformer / action game set in a world above the clouds. Play as Lewis, the Umbrellad himself, as he saves Umbrelland from the terrible Baron Boulon and his evil Robots.

What I did :


  • Custom Kinematic Controller

  • Camera - Mouse & Keyboard, Gamepad

  • Combat - hitboxes, hit registration, hitstun and projection

  • Adaptative enemy AI - reacting to player movements and attacks, using weights and traits (aggressivity, defense, cunningess) to select an action (movement, attack, dodge, parry)


  • Attack editor tool - allowing designer to tweak the timing, shape and size of attacks

  • Level design tools - speeding up the placement of encounters in the levels

  • Level art tool - placing GPU-instanced foliage

  • AI tools - allowing designers to create new behaviours from a set of premade actions

  • Twitter

WIP extract from world 2 (combat at 2:10)

The entirety of the tutorial

Some tools I've made

The Combat Editor allows the level designers to easily create new combats in the level while focusing only on the balancing and not on the execution.

This tools gets rid of the need to drag & drop prefabs in the level and fiddle in the MonoBehaviours to tweak the attributes (steamy, electrified or big) of the robots.

This videos shows how you can create a combat with multiple waves and test it in a minute.

The Attack Editor allows the game designers to quickly create an attack and its hitbox and preview it instantly. Everything is packed in one editor for ease of access : animations, sounds, damage...

The Foliage Drawer stemmed from the need to have a lot of vegetation in the game without tanking the framerate. Thousands of flowers and bushes can be instanced directly by the graphics card without the overhead of game objects.

A small side editor I made is the Sign Placer. We have a lot of signs in the game to guide the player and to add fun little cues on the world and I thought it would be nice for the level designers to have a tool to make life easier on them.

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